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By:  SAP

Description (provided by submitter):  LEAP stands for Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program    The SAP LEAP Experience is a bold, exploratory, and results-driven virtual social learning journey that tackles provocative and timely issues facing high-achieving female leaders who are ready to rise to the next level of management and leadership.     The program creates an engaging and energetic atmosphere that unites participants and fuels collaboration and connection for future success. This journey is about women connecting with other women to develop themselves both personally and professionally.    LEAP uses virtual social learning platform to establish a community that serves as a hub for communication, collaboration and peer learning. LEAP ensures consistent participant engagement and targeted skill development through modern and relevant monthly content. Over the course of the development journey, participants meet monthly via a virtual classroom, where they delve into the monthly topic, discuss assignments, and have opportunity to ask questions and get direct feedback.   Monthly topic examples include:  •    Emotionally Intelligent Leadership  •    Storytelling/Communicating with Impact  •    Leveraging Influence and Persuasion       •    Leading Change  •    Fostering Innovation  •    ...and many more  Between classroom sessions, participants take part in a range of required self-guided learning activities that are organized in a 5 pillar development model.       - Self-awareness: Know yourself – your strengths, mission, vision, values through assessments and rigorous self-reflection.    - Career Development Planning: Have a documented Career Development Plan and path based on self-awareness through career coaching and guidance to ensure advancement and acceleration.    - Networking & Branding: Develop a personal brand and have an expanded professional network within and outside of SAP.    - Capability Building: Complete LEAP course work across twelve leadership topics resulting in improved strategic thinking and authentic executive presence.    - Mentoring, Sponsorship: Have a sponsor or have developed a plan to be sponsor-worthy, develop relationships with key influences in the business, increase visibility and have a plan to pay it forward to others.    The LEAP community manager is a builder of relationships by engaging and cultivating the learning community. They make the LEAP brand personal and keep the conversation and connection of the community alive.    Content is a key component to any social community. A good portion of the LEAP community manager's role is creating and adapting content for each specific cohort. This includes positioning content, posting events, answering questions and responding to posts, curating photos and graphics, videos, and articles specifically for engaging group participation.     LEAP participants make the program successful by contributing to online discussions, submitting videos for contests, requesting and offering feedback on course assignments, sharing local networking events, posting stretch assignments, job openings and fellowship opportunities.    Each LEAP cohort is divided into smaller groups known as LEAP Learning Circles. Each Circle is a small group of participants who meet regularly, either in person on virtually, to learn from each other and support each other. The learning circles are peer-directed and built on the idea that all participants have something to contribute and all participants have something to learn.  Learning circles promote action and change. The group members determine the purpose and mission of the group and the number and frequency of meetings. A group leader facilitates the learning circle. The leader is typically someone in the group and often the leadership responsibility rotates among members.    One of the most innovative parts of LEAP is how the participants give back to the program and the business by completing a capstone project that solves real business problems. Some examples include:      •    Preparing video teach-backs on development topics   •    Researching solutions for relevant to women’s gender issues in the workplace.   •    Organizing an Expert/Speaker directory   •    Planning regional in-person networking and speaking events  •    Planning events that gives back to the community     We track LEAP impact and evaluate program effectiveness using three key measures:    1.    Talent Development, as measured by participants having active Career Development Plans (CDPs), completed leadership assessments, concrete leadership skill development, completed formal and informal training, and active brand building.  2.    Talent Exposure, marked by active sponsor relationships, exposure to key executives, both external and internal networking and direct exposure to executive recruiting.  3.    Talent Movement, measurable career growth, including promotions, progressions, lateral moves into new roles and significant role expansion    LEAP impact has been tremendous, garnering praise from participants, their managers, facilitators, and SAP executives. It’s no surprise that on follow-up surveys, 100% of participants and participants’ managers said they’d recommend LEAP. Participant evaluations contained many passionately positive reflections on LEAP’s impact, but this comment may capture it best:    “LEAP has had a significant positive impact on my career. …we were reminded that just working hard isn't enough, that without networking, managing your brand, and actively planning your own career development you will stagnate. I took these messages to heart and within six months of being in LEAP found an exciting new role within SAP…”    LEAP has been a tremendous success across all areas, it’s been so successful, in fact, the program has been scaled to be offered in all main regions globally and has impacted nearly 1000 women at SAP since it launched in 2014.  

Description (provided by submitter):  The system provides high-interaction among members within the group. Learners can learn and access leaders, all members and peers.    Moderators can manage the groups easily. They can send messages, update content, attach all types of content and resources, invite members, they can broadcast activities and all activities and sent as alerts to members and mentors. They also see metrics and activities.     Resources sharing is key in the group. Everyone can create discussions, share images, links, files and videos. They can submit and share discoveries and projects.     The main dashboard enables the learners to find all parts of the group and aids them to have immediate access to deeper features.    There are two key innovations in this system. First one is the My Project features. This allows learners, peers and members to submit for peer-review activities. Members can submit projects, work with mentors and peers and get assistance. Learners also get feedback by self and coach assessments.    Since this system is used for designers and content developers, we added the Storyboarding features. This allows members to create simple and easy to use content presentations that they can get feedback and comment and eventually publish as a lesson, if they wish to.   

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By:  Intrepid Learning

​Title:  Vital Smarts Virtual Trainer Certification  

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Description (provided by submitter):  AirClass empowers corporate trainers to usher in the future of virtual training with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that transforms online learning into an experience - one that’s convenient and enjoyable for everyone. This unique, collaborative environment encourages participation before, during, and after a live event.     - AirClass Activity Stream allows instructors and students to access and update documents, photos, videos and comments at any time, even when class is not in session.   - AirClass Replay lets participants relive live events, just like they were there the first time around.   - AirClass Emotion Insights allows trainers to have access to a revolutionary emotion analytics tool that uses facial expression analysis to provide real data on actual participation.     AirClass is virtual training, made smarter.

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By:  Accenture

​Title: Collections (Social Bookmarks)


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Description (provided by submitter):    * Ease of Use - Bite sized content, grouped intuitively and given the right context, so you know what's part of the course, but also how you'd use it as performance support when you're teaching.  Course overview gives clear view of what it is, how it works, what completion means  .    * People Awareness - People are aware of each other in live sessions for kickoff and practice, and in the on demand experience in "get to know your class" and 'check my progress.  People are aware of experts throughout -- the instructor, the master trainers, even the author. (this is a huge advantage over the classroom experience). The Instructor conducts the live sessions, posts announcements, and sends emails with individualized feedback.  The Master Trainers provide all kinds of examples on video of how to teach well, and even how to teach pretty well, where learners watch and comment on a trainer's performance, then compare their evaluation to another master trainer's feedback.  Lastly , they're aware of the larger community of Vital Smarts trainers through the "Get connected" mission.    * Resource Sharing - Participants review each others' summaries of lessons, getting to see how several people "make it their own"    * Innovation Bonus - the peer-reviewed capstone project is the bomb.  Uploading and getting to watch your own video, on your own time, in the context of others' feedback, is incredibly meaningful, because the participants don't have the emotions of the live teachback (relief that it's over!) inhibiting their ability to fully absorb others' feedback.  Their live teachback is in a more real life setting and feels less like a role play.    * From the community -- people on Bryan's call added these criteria, which we meet.  - Moderator Controls - The moderator can post announcements, view field reports from missions, view completed projects, give feedback privately, and give feedback publicly.  - User generated content  - Synchronous and Asynchronous, for what one person called "extreme instructional flexibility"

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By:  Lenovo Software

Title:  AirClass 

Description (provided by submitter):  With over 375,000 employees in 56 countries, Accenture provides management consulting, technology, and outsourcing services to most of the world’s leading organizations. As such, we need to bring our best thinking of our skilled workforce to every client we whom we work. The optimum way to do that is to ensure that our people are learning from one another by sharing knowledge and collaborating with each other. By tapping into the knowledge base of our global network, any individual is able to increase their knowledge and deepen their skills.     To do this, our people – as consumers of content - conduct research and online search for information and methodologies to do their jobs, but without straightforward access to the best thinking of all our employees around the globe, that search will ultimately be limited and ultimately limit our employees ability to learn from each other.    On the supply side, our challenge for content curators is to make the enormous effort in sifting through websites, online articles, videos, internal documentation and conversations, and to be able to have a place to make the content available to the widest possible internal audience in an environment that is easy to manage and administer.    CHALLENGES  Related to the high level challenge listed above, the specific challenges we set out to tackle were as follows:  •    Findability - It’s difficult for our people today to find the best, most relevant content – whether it’s internal to Accenture or external. Our intranet contains millions of documents, web pages, and assets. Even with a robust enterprise search, finding the necessary content is difficult. Sifting through hundreds or thousands of results requires significant work - there is a strong desire to have the best content hand-picked by experts and presented in a simple manner.  •    Usability - In addition to enterprise search, we have a group of internal websites dedicated to providing a ‘browse’ experience for relevant content and links. As links get added to these sites, the experience becomes overwhelming with pages becoming “link farms”. These pages are difficult to scan, not searchable, and very un-engaging.  •    Administration – “Link-farm” sites are also inconvenient to administer and require off-shore administrative teams to handle simple updates.  •    Shareability - If an expert spends hours finding both internal and external information on a particular topic, others should be able to benefit from that effort as well. Today, that expert may send these links via email by request. But they have no way of making their hard-earned set of content available to everyone in Accenture.    SOLUTION  We set out to build a social-bookmarking capability called “Collections”, inspired by consumer sites like Pinterest, Flipboard, and Delicious, but specifically tailored for the enterprise in order to:  •    Allow people to easily collect and share great content in a social manner  •    Allow people to easily find the content they need  •    Help the business improve its internal web and team sites  •    Reduce reliance on administrative teams by easing content maintenance    Collections have been designed to be as flexible as possible in order to support a number of different use cases for collecting good content:  •    “Essential” or best content around a topic, such as:        o    Sales and delivery essentials       o    Credentials, client profiles or proposals       o    Best new contributions from the practice around a topic       o    Post-workshop materials       o    Replace email newsletters (see sample below)  •    Replace an individual’s browser bookmarks    We created Collections to make it easier for our people to save and share good content, harnessing the collective effort of the entire organization to filter content and select the best material. Collections provide a vastly improved digital and social user experience compared to how we traditionally presented manually chosen content in the form of link farms typically found in many sites.    Accenture researched the market and found no other capability like Collections, which is why we chose to custom build the capability ourselves. Accenture’s Collections is patent pending. Collections offer:  •    Highly visual, Pinterest-like display for easy scanning  •    Full social features:        o    When someone ‘follows’ a Collection, they receive updates when new items or comments are added to it       o    Ability to re-pin a link to your own Collection       o    Ability to like, share, and comment to engage in conversations  •    Mobile enabled with responsive web design  •    Mass import, mass edit  •    Ability to “pin” any URL or add a file from your hard drive  •    Flexible security setting to invite individuals, teams, or the entire company to participate in curating a Collection  •    Ability to embed within internal Accenture sites, with flexibility over how the Collection is embedded and displayed  •    Ability to narrow the items down based on a “search within” function and filters that are defined by the Collection owner.  •    An analytics dashboard for Collection creators. See screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8lnzloyccirj1a/dashboard%20screenshot.png?dl=0  •    Gamification integration: leveraging motivational psychology and gamification to improve usage. Collections is integrated with Accenture’s A3 program. See this slideshare for more on the A3 program: http://www.slideshare.net/ThomasHsu2/accentures-a3-program?next_slideshow=1    IMPACT       The success of Collections to date is best measured by feedback from those using the resource rather than by sheer volume alone. In other words, a focus that places quality squarely over quantity.  Nonetheless, the statistics have been impressive. Here are some current statistics for 2016:  •    10,000 individual Collections created so far  •    170,000 content items curated  •    220,000 monthly views (~2.6 million views annually)  •    11,000 monthly follows  •    1,600 Collections embedded within internal Accenture sites  •    Collections usage spread across over 46 countries within the Accenture network  An end-user survey also garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback on Collections:  •    95% of respondents said they were “Satisfied” with Collections (61% were “Very Satisfied”)  •    92% of respondents said Collections added “Good” or “Excellent” value    Furthermore, using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer-loyalty rating, Collections performed significantly beyond expectations in recording a score of 67, comparing favourably with such established brand apps as Kindle (59) and iPhone (63).    Every week, we hear new success stories. In many cases, we are informed of these after the fact, as Collections has started to gain “grass roots” momentum. Sometimes people present us with new use cases we had never thought of before, such as using Collections to replace an email newsletter or to highlight a group of new joiners (with each item being a picture of the person and a link to their internal social profile).    In a few cases, communities were about to launch brand new sites when they discovered the Collections capability the week leading up to their launch. Collections were so compelling and easy to use, that they switched over to them at the last minute.    We have also had a number of groups use Collections for a senior leadership audience, and the feedback received has always been extremely positive.    In addition, we have a number of new enhancements planned for the future, including:  •    Recommendations when bookmarking items (i.e.” people who collected this also collected these”)  •    Better insights for Collection creators:        o    Provide smart recommendations for what to add to their Collection       o    Provide insights into their audience’s demographics and trends (e.g. how are they finding your Collection?)       o    Highlight broken links or old, outdated content       o    Email digests and notifications with suggestions or key insights about their Collection  •    Ability to search across multiple sources (internal and external) and drag-and-drop into Collections, similar to Storify  •    Integration into native mobile apps  •    A usage Dashboard that synthesizes the reporting we currently have into a handful of key metrics for the Collection owner    SELECTED FEEDBACK FROM END USERS  Selected quotes from Accenture Leadership/Managing Directors  •         I look forward to launching our Leadership Collection with the next Accenture Leadership webcast. (Office of the CEO)  •         Collections are getting a lot of attention because they are easy to use and allow users to share information in a digital and engaging format. (Accenture’s Chief Information Officer)  •         Great contribution. I love the collections approach, i believe it has great applicability in improving our approach to learning and capability development and we should be thinking about how we can take this to clients.  •         [Our communication on our Collection] went out an hour ago.  Already our digital COO sent out a note to marketing and LTD leadership praising the notion. …the Collection was highly used by our executives.   •         Accenture Research will soon be unveiling our new Thought Leadership Collection. Our leadership was extremely pleased with the simplified look & feel of the Collection. You’re helping us look like rockstars.  •         I recently discovered the ‘collections’ feature as very useful in searching for relevant thought leadership contributions from Accenture to prepare for a client.     Senior Managers  •         Love them. Use them. Fabulous! They are changing the way RES OG manages content and will make it easier for our SME to own and keep their content current. It will truly change and improve our program. In addition the UI/UX is really easy and intuitive and people familiar with pin boards can just start using collections. For those who need a bit more support the enablement materials are very well done.  •         I just love collections. They are awesome since they allow us to openly bookmark valuable content within our vast resources. Often it’s much easier to find things by looking through collections vs. trying to find it through regular channels.  •         We’ve seen great uptake with them, and I think our folks value the really slick visual and format that the Collection provides…Thanks for driving these Collections at Accenture, they’re a really engaging way to connect our people with content!    Note: the video is 6 minutes, feel free to only watch the first 5 minutes (due to the 5 minute limit)