Description (provided by submitter):   The mobile solution developed by OnPoint Digital for the Harvey's brand at Cara Operations is a broad, comprehensive and innovative solution serving thousands of associates using their own mobile devices (BYOD). The mobile program serves up training across several areas including compliance, onboarding/new hire and positional training (learning paths). The visual design is intuitive and easy to use without any training and the core UX is built using responsive web design methods and is accessible either through a mobile web browser or can be snapped onto a full function native app for online use across virtually any mobile handset or tablet. Content types span packaged (and responsive) courseware as well as digital documents/PDFs, engaging videos, podcasts and more all supplemented with inline assessments to measure knowledge retention. All actions and activities are tracked even when offline using a combination of SCORM and xAPI-based tracking methods including bookmarks that span users moving from online to mobile web to mobile app/offline. Learners can interact with their peers and managers through moderated forums, share ratings and comments and even contribute user-generated content as videos or images from their mobile devices. Finally, the main interface uses an interactive "game board" or "progress board" that helps engage the user making learning more enjoyable. The overall program has accelerated learning for thousands of associates and improved organizational performance.

Entry # - Mobile 007

By:  ADT Security Services 

​Title: New Rep Onboarding Process

Entry # - Mobile 011

By:  Integra Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

Title: Human Anatomy Explorer

Description (provided by submitter):  The combination of devices that can be used and the multiple learning touches makes this new program a breath of fresh air for a company too long mired in Word /PPT training.  The design of the "App" smart device appearance lends itself to intuitive actions. Testing and tracking (Completions)  for all is critical in the security business due to its high liability risks.   Then to have a point system for achievements is new for our company as well.  

Description (provided by submitter):   Integra's Human Anatomy Explorer app is a quick reference app that contains the information and visual explanation about the eleven different biological systems present in the human body in a highly visual and engaging manner; it explains the structure and functions of each of the anatomy systems. This app is developed for Tablets and Smartphones, the current version of the App is primarily targeted for school segment. Each anatomy system is created with the help of 2D and 3D graphics/animation, Interactivities, Interactive 3D content, Simulations and assessments to help the learners to understand and retain the complex structures and functions in an effective way. This app also goes to show real life situations and explains how the human system works in such an environment. This app is extremely easy to use and allows access to Interactive White Board tools for interactive learning.

Description (provided by submitter):  ACTO is a learning app that drives real behavior change by giving your employees a fast and easy way to access information on the job, when it matters the most.   Mobile Learning    With ACTO’s powerful mobile platform, employees can easily reference an ActionPack and be prepared at anytime and anywhere. Powerful tools such as checklists, fillable documents, attachments and external links, enable employees to instantly apply what they learn. ACTO's intuitive design creates a user experience that is entirely focused on learning and knowledge application.      The ACTO vision is to create an opportunity for individuals to have clear pathways to succeed not only in their careers but to become who they aspire to be. ACTO’s technology empowers employees to learn on the job, using short engaging content and rich media. No matter the device, ACTO is by your side, with everything you need to know, delivered in a powerful way. ACTO makes training stick.

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Entry # - Mobile 013

By:  OnPoint Digital, Inc.

​Title:  Harvey's Learning Portal

NOTE: This video runs from

Description (provided by submitter):    The Nielsen MyLearning ecosystem provides an amazing learing environemnt via any mobile device for employees. The visual experience is designed around brand standards and provides a modern interface that focuses the user on the leanring experience and provides simple tools to quickly locate, add and lauch content. The platfrom provides integrated video and interactive objects that utilize a HTML 5 framework and GetBootstrap to work on mobile and desktop devices. MyLearning Plan provides a ease of use for learners to quickly monitor, add and launch content as welll as track self-check content or add-ons. A testing and assessment module provides integrated modules that let you focus on learning and test your knowledge. Areas of weakness can be quickly added to your learning plan. MyLeanring offers several innovative featues build on a open modern platofrm to support agile development methods and new features our launched monthly.  Check out the end of the video preview and be sure to stop by and learn more during the conference for some great ideas that you can apply when you start your next project.

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Entry # - Mobile 017

By:  Sealworks Interactive Studios

​Title: Nielsen MyLearning  

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Description (provided by submitter):   Visual Design - the default HTML and styles associated with H5P are very modern and infinitely scalable tool mobile environment. They also can be overwritten using CSS to match in organizations branding.   Integrated Video - H5P has a lot of video integration including the ability to import YouTube videos and add interactivity. Fees can then be assembled into the course, or are included as a standalone interaction in a webpage. As long as the videos are made accessible using YouTube tools, the H5P will meet many accessible standards as well.  Ease of Use - H5P is easy-to-use for both developers and end-users. It is highly intuitive and follows many of the established mobile interaction models used in software today.  Testing and Assessment - This is at the heart of what H5P does. There are over two dozen types of interactions that work on mobile devices. They all offer options for feedback and scoring.  Interactive Content - H5P is highly interactive offering drag and drops, multiple-choice, memory card games,interactive videos, And much much more. There are over 2 dozen interactions in all.  Innovation - one of the most innovative things about 85P is that is is an open source tool built using HTML 5. This makes it very future proof as well as highly scalable and platform agnostic.    

Entry # - Mobile 001

By:  Artisan E-Learning and

​Title: Resolving Customer Conflict

Entry # - Mobile 002

By:  ACTO   

​Title: ACTO Learning App

Entry # - Mobile 004

By:  University of Colorado 

Title: Using H5P Open Source

Description (provided by submitter):  Visual design: Flat design, white space, clean graphics, responsive design  Integrated video: Audio and video specifically left out to allow for a low-bandwidth delivery  Ease of use: Large buttons, minimal navigation, open navigation, branching  Testing and assessment: branching scenario with detailed feedback  Interactive content: branching scenario with interactive feedback  Innovation bonus: Production time reduced by designing only for landscape viewing. Logic added to provide warning message to learners holding the device in portrait mode.