Entry # - Mobile 006

By:  Saba

Title: Hyatt Hotel Mobile Learning


Description (provided by submitter):   The Challenge:  Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC. was looking for a solution for both new and existing salespeople to learn about their broad selection of tire offerings. Their existing salespeople were recommending a limited amount of tire solutions to customers, always falling back on the products they felt comfortable discussing. Bridgestone wanted to educate all of their salespeople to be knowledgeable advisors who can present a wide array of solutions applicable to a client’s situation.     With an influx of new salespeople who use mobile technology and smart phones, Bridgestone was interested in a mobile solution that could be accessed anywhere.     The Solution:  Designing Digitally, Inc. created an online tool optimized for smartphones called Product Application Learning on the Go. Salespeople can access interactive flashcards of Bridgestone products, test their understanding with quiz questions, and practice matching solutions to applications in selling scenarios.    Bridgestone wanted the tool to be easily accessible for internal salespeople as well as external resellers. Therefore, we created a custom website for learners to access directly in a web browser without needing an account or login information.     Since the website is designed for mobile devices, salespeople can reference the tool on their phones moments before meeting with a customer. Or, they may even choose to use the virtual flashcards to present solutions during a sales conversation.      Older generations of Bridgestone’s salesforce may be less inclined to use Product Application Learning on the Go when they’re actually “on the go.” However, they can access all features of the tool on their computers in the office or at home.     The Results:  Product Learning on the Go is exactly what Bridgestone needed for their salesforce. They are  currently in the process of introducing the learning tool through various channels in their operations. To gather more feedback on how to further improve on the tool, Bridgestone is putting together focus groups at the beginning of 2016. They will be working with Designing Digitally, Inc. to keep the information relevant by making updates and introducing new product offerings.     Bridgestone is working to promote Product Learning on the Go through all available outlets by offering rewards such as prizes and course credits for learners who utilize the new tool.   

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Entry # - Mobile 003

By:  Train By Cell


Entry # - Mobile 014

By:  Designing Digitally, Inc. & Bridgestone


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Entry # - Mobile 012

By:  Arcadia Consulting

​Title:  Public Speaking 360 degrees


Entry # - Mobile 010

By:  Scrimmage 

​Title: Scrimmage Learning Platform

Entry # - Mobile 005

By:  University of Hawaii at Manoa / Curriculum Research and Development Group

Title:  Digital Voyage Modules

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Description (provided by submitter):  Train By Cell provides all the technology an organization needs to begin engaging with its employees, vendors, business partners and customers in a mobile-friendly way.  Our platform is extremely flexible, and very easy to use!    Build a mobile-friendly and responsive website in mere minutes for training, onboarding, storing content, setting a meeting – for almost any communications need. Push out a text message or email campaign using our SMS scheduler and platform. Mobile touches, reminders, and microlearning via SMS are guaranteed ways to improve your organization’s learning and responsiveness capabilities.    Our off-the-shelf, drag-and-drop, cloud-based solutions cover every aspect of mobile engagement.

Description (provided by submitter):   The Digital Voyage modules are meant to be supplemental for a classroom or home experience for kids in grades 4 and 5. They are just-in-time, interactive modules that allow a student, teacher and parents to learn granular chunks of information about Internet safety and digital citizenship. Our hope is that students will take this information home and share what they have learned with their parents. The modules are accessible on a desktop, or mobile device and will allow the user to pick up where they had left off from a prior visit. Each module is meant to be a part of an overall course based on Internet safety, and each module is tracked via an LMS. An interactive map shows each user their progress down their digital voyage and let's them know where to go to next.   

Description (provided by submitter):   VISUAL DESIGN (modern, whitespace, layout)  The design of this 360° video is very modern and it is built with 360° pictures.  INTEGRATED VIDEO (inline, playback, searchable)  The video is available through devices such as mobile phone, tablet and pc. Users can reload the video as much as they want.   EASE OF USE (intuitive, progress tracking, bookmarking)  The users’ experience is very positive because users found this tool very simple and easy to use, intuitive and funny. The gamification mechanics engage users to play again and improve their performance. This interactive and immersive learning object increase knowledge retention because it changes the learning paradigm: from information to experience!  TESTING AND ASSESSMENT (question types, feedback)  Each question has feedbacks and quick tips to improve competencies in Public Speaking or in Train the Trainers to better manage a classroom.  INTERACTIVE CONTENT (interactive exercises, interaction with others)  The video shows immersive scenarios and for each one a question with only two possible answers, “yes” or “no”. They can make use of the video through their smart-phone and a VR cardboard to live also the immersive learning experience, and the activate the answers by focusing the eyes on the one chosen.   INNOVATION BONUS (something unique, innovative)  The possibility to use the video through a smart-phone and a VR cardboard to live also an immersive learning experience.

Entry # - Mobile 009

By:  Gables Residential 

Title: IT Security Awareness

Description (provided by submitter):   Gables Residential Training & Development has partnered with ACTO to bring our training programs into the 21st Century! If you’ve watched our other submission, for “MicroLearning”, you’ve seen the different ActionPacks that are available with our blended On-Boarding Program. The best part? All of our learning is fully mobile compatible! So these programs can happen anywhere, anytime, and in any way the associate learns best. On a mobile device, the ActionPacks, tasks, videos, interactivity, assessments and learning activities are exactly the same as they appear on a larger screen, such as a laptop or desktop computer. This means training is fun, simple to access, highly engaging, and wonderfully easy to use. The systems are synced as well, so that all of the progress tracking in one will align with that on the other: associates can do a training activity from their mobile device on the train to work, complete a task and then pick back up with the next task from their desktop computer at the office. When combined with our Instructor-Led Classes, our program is truly on-demand, blended learning! We believe we are the first in our industry to move to this 100% blended approach to training.

Description (provided by submitter):   With its five vital components utilizing today’s modern technology capabilities, Scrimmage offers a truly effective and engaging mobile learning platform.  First, it is easy and simple to access on any device, anytime, anywhere via a native application for either iOS or Android devices, or as a web-based application. The Scrimmage platform is intuitive, highly searchable and clearly designed so content is quickly accessible for any level of expertise. Likewise, its design is responsive, so its layout seamlessly adjusts to any screen size – a more robust feature.  Next, for further engagement and ownership, personalization features are innate on the Scrimmage platform.  The context of the training can be branded, for instance.  And, the content itself is customized for the learner, which ensures only relevant content and the right knowledge is always at the learner’s fingertips with the ability to readily start and stop training sessions (a la bookmarks). Personalization features also create a visually appealing and familiar design. Likewise, to enhance the personalization component, the Scrimmage platform makes it easy to ensure enrollments are simplified for administrators on the backend, which also negates any additional IT needs.  A third vital component to Scrimmage’s modern mobile platform is the social piece. It allows for both dynamic and static content to be interactive and for learners, managers, or peers to comment, react and collaborate.  Another social element can be found through Scrimmage’s gamification piece, as its leaderboards and badges, for instance, drive excitement, engagement and competition.  A Scrimmage mobile platform also supports all forms content from PDFs and SCORM courses to assessments, surveys and even live audience response polls.  And, our platform easily integrates with other existing knowledge repositories, including LMSs or CMSs. Finally, reporting and analytics for today’s business world are critical. Meanwhile, they are truly the foundation for any L&D or Training department.  The Scrimmage mobile learning platform allows for smart decisions in a clear format/dashboard, as it tracks relevant data, by learner and by content, so adjustments can be made instantly. The Scrimmage mobile learning platform is an all-in-one, highly intuitive solution offering flexibility and scalability to support today’s multi-generational, multi-device learners.     

Description (provided by submitter):  Mobile Experience    Details: Saba’s Intelligent Learning Management solution is designed for mobile learning success. From the modern interface that is unmatched in capabilities to the easy implementation with automatic upgrades and minimal downtime, Saba makes learning more efficient for workforces worldwide. The integrated video feature provides social, engaging, interactive content, face to face exercises with instructors, and coaching opportunities for managers as well as remote proctor all from a single platform. The collaborative cloud solution is available on desktops and mobile devices anywhere, anytime, in 37 different languages across 195 countries.     Additionally, professional and personal development stem from management styles. Saba Learning understands this and is at the heart of the Saba Talent solution to enable organizations to make learning and development part of the larger conversation. Saba connects learning and skill development with performance plans by enabling learners and managers to identify learning goals or a learning element as a task needed to complete a goal. Then map learning and skills to job roles so that users who map out a career plan can see what training they should take and skills they need to develop to pursue their chosen path.