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Description (provided by submitter):  BizLibrary is pleased to present its video course titled "Working with the 5 Generations!” for Training Magazine’s Learning Design Challenge in the MicroLearning Category.  This new course contains six micro learning video lessons, and includes support materials, quizzes, and a final exam.  Written by subject matter experts and our experienced instructional design team, filmed in HD-quality with professional a professional presenter, this new video course is an excellent example of the micro learning content available in our BizLibrary Collection.  Our award-winning online training library offers over 5,800 microlearning video lessons covering a wide variety of business and professional skills topics.  Recently we’ve added post-training reinforcement boosters to further enhance learner engagement and increased learning retention.  BizLibrary proudly submits this video for The Learning Design Challenge for the MicroLearning category.

Description (provided by submitter): In this short video, we're demonstrating multiple ways to deploy micro-learning experiences from our Adaptive Awareness Portal, a cloud-based tool for running security and privacy awareness programs. You'll see multiple ways to modify content length, using our modular adaptive architecture. All of the content can be delivered "stand-alone" or as part of a larger course. We demonstrate just-in-time delivery in response to a simulated phishing e-mail, but this could be replicated with any prompt that is aligned with one of the many behavioral risks that we cover in our library of training content. We demonstrate one way of evaluating competency (the phishing game), but we didn't really go into graded assessments that can be added to any course and scored on any LMS. As for innovative--well, 5 minutes didn't give us enough time to really dig into all the available tools on our Portal, but we think that our Adaptive Architecture, which enables the flexible content construction we show, is pretty darned neat in itself. I hope you like it too! Thanks from Tom Pendergast and the MediaPro team.

"MicroLearning" Entries 

Entry # - Micro 010

By:  MediaPro

Title:  Preventing Phishing 

Entry # - Micro 015

By:  ePath Learning, Inc.

​Title:  Genesis Advisers - First 90 Days


Description (provided by submitter): The Mary Kay Beauty Consultant Course contains more than 50 micro-learning bursts tied directly to specific job tasks required for the optimal customer experience. Each burst lasts between one and three minutes and can be directly accessed within two clicks. This provides both a right-sized content library as well as tying these lessons together in a chronological, relevant order via a graphical learning portal. The learning portal tracks not only progress at each lesson and module level, but it also collects all responses to interactions, forms, surveys, and assessments which are then stored in a custom LMS. This course implemented a unique and innovative method of implementing reusable HTML5 learning objects (with full responsive design) while storing content in a collaborative, Wiki-based content repository, accessible by developers and client via Google Docs, allowing for nearly instantaneous updates and rapid course creation.   

Description (provided by submitter): ePath Learning's entry for Training magazine's Learning Design Challenge 2016:    1) "Right-Size" content modularity  Participants choose from an accelerated, single-module version, an in-depth eight-module support tool, or other blended learning options, giving them lots of flexibility. The First 90 Days Online can be viewed independently, paired with individualized, virtual or in-person coaching, used as part of an instructor-led training or online workshop, or integrated seamlessly into existing onboarding, leadership development, and promotion processes.       2) Can be used as part of a longer course... or accessible as just-in-time, just enough  This cutting-edge MicroLearning solution takes users through rapid cycles of learning, planning, and delivery, an approach that’s then mirrored during implementation.  Specifically designed to support today’s leaders when they need it most, this tool provides a just-in-time option that can be taken at any pace, anywhere in the world.       3) Knowing what I have - and what I have not - completed (what's next)  The system guides leaders through The First 90 Days Transition Roadmap, a proven framework for speeding up moves into new roles. The Roadmap gives participants a clear sense of what elements they’ve already focused on and what steps they should explore next.       4) Tracking skills/knowledge acquired  This highly engaging and interactive resource provides leaders with bite-size concepts that they can apply to their own transitions. It includes case studies, expert reflections, click-to-reveal interactions, and resources. Self-assessments and planning tools allow users to track their learning and progress. Leaders answer important questions about their transition, create a personalized plan for the First 90 Days, and revise it as necessary.      5) Innovative BONUS   The "MY PLAN" feature of the First 90 Days Online allows participants to capture insights and reflections about their own situations into their own personalized plan. All of the inputs are saved and downloaded at the end of each module, making them easy to revisit at any time or share with mentors and coaches.     

Entry # - Micro 013

By:  Xyleme

​Title: Summit Course - Embedded MicroLearning

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Description (provided by submitter): This is a joint application between Xyleme and Summit Learning and Technology. Ron Myers, CEO is the secondary contact.    As an Autodesk Authorized Academic Partner and recognized as a Top 125 Global Vendor by Autodesk, Summit Learning and Technology set out to create the best online learning platform for businesses, instructors and learners.     The goal was to provide a blended solution that would meet the needs of the modern learner for anywhere, anytime access to learning without sacrificing the accessibility and effectiveness of instructor-led training. Enter PEAK – Professional Education and Academic Knowledge Network.  For more information visit    EVALUATION CRITERIA:   “Right-Size” content modularity;   Content is built inside of Xyleme LCMS as chapters that contain multiple micro-lessons, each about 20 minutes of instruction.     Can be used as part of a longer course;   Each micro lesson can experienced alone or within the course, in web, mobile or print formats. Each lesson is structured and tagged so it can be found, shared, experienced and tracked via xAPI in the Xyleme LRS. (It is possible to report results back to an LMS if that is required.)    Summit Learning also curates "bits" of data from external sources to be included within a lesson.     Content is published to the Xyleme Content Delivery Service (CDS), and using the Xyleme API, Summit delivers a branded portal to each of its clients and accesses all of the user and content functions to power the PEAK Network solution.     Accessible as just-in-time, just enough;   As part of the PEAK Network solution, the Learning Browser is a smart window to access learning right inside of the technical application (shown in AutoCAD). This lets the learner access just what they need without breaking their natural workflow by leaving the app.    Knowing what I have--and what I have not--completed (what's next);   Learning Paths help the learner see into what is required to achieve a certification or milestone, and show the learner clearly what needs to be accomplished next.    Tracking skills/knowledge acquired;   xAPI and LRS, part of Xyleme infrastructure is capturing ~1600 statements per learner per learning path. This data is aggregated into an admin view to allow comparisons and analysis, and important individual milestone data - like a learning path completed, a skill acquired, a patch or badger earned, etc. is added to the learner's profile.    Innovation BONUS (something unique, innovative)  The real bonus is the integration of badges and skills into the user's profile because it paves the way to do targeted content suggestions based on individual's progress against a goal or learning needs. It also enables the idea of micro-badges (patches) that are aligned to the micro-learning modules inherent in the content object-oriented design.    

Entry # - Micro 027

By:  Enterprise Development Group

Title:  One Hour Innovator

Entry # - Micro 003

By:  Yourmembership

​Title: Modular Certificate Program

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Description (provided by submitter):   To help clarify the key MicroLearning elements incorporated in the One Hour Innovator (OHI), I have also highlighted examples in the video.    1. “Right-Size” content modularity   The software guides the user through a five step learning process. Each step has video instruction, examples, and tips to teach and guide the user to complete the task at hand.  Even within the steps, the work and its accompanying instruction is chunked into bit-size pieces (e.g., In step 2 the user can create a one-line value proposition or create a full CO-STAR value proposition). In addition, more experienced users may discover they don’t need to complete all the steps.  They may be very comfortable with their communication skills and decide to focus all their energy on step #2  -  developing a compelling CO-STAR value proposition    2. Can be used as part of a longer course  One Hour Innovator has been used in innovation bootcamps and workshops for individuals and teams to develop their ideas real time. It has also been deployed as an add-on to to these bootcamps and workshops.  It acts as an online coach and instructor for participants who want to work on their ideas post event.    3. Accessible as just-in-time, just enough   Our cloud-based toolkit is on-demand and is structured to be self paced. If the user has a great idea they want to develop, they can use the tool.  If they just want a reminder of pitching tips, they can log in and review best practices.  As long as the user can get online, they will have easy access to a their personal One Hour Innovator account at any time.    4. Knowing what I have--and what I have not-- completed (what's next)   The five step process is clearly displayed along the top of the interface, it divides the work into key innovation outputs, and shows how each step builds toward the next.  And within each step the easy to use template format guides the users thinking and documentation.  In addition, the tool provides an assessment of the user's progress with regard to developing their idea.  The assessment produces a scorecard that shows the headway they have made with each of the CO-STAR value proposition letters. The visual also highlights the gaps in their thinking that still need to be addressed.    5. Tracking skills/knowledge acquired   One Hour Innovator has exercises that reveal the learners acquisition of skills.  The most powerful is having the user video tape themselves pitching their idea. In reviewing their video, the truth about what the user has or has not mastered becomes evident. The user is able to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and see how well they have incorporated the tips and suggestions provided by the One Hour Innovator.    6. Innovation BONUS (something unique, innovative)   One Hour Innovator is a teaching and doing tool that develops peoples value creation skills while developing high potential ideas for their organization.  This unique design provides an easy to justify ROI.  With the development of one good idea, the tool can pay for itself many times over.          

Description (provided by submitter):   Henkel hired Cinecraft Productions to design and develop a microlearning curriculum that trains window installers to install windows and doors correctly. The first thing we recommended was to have the installer go out on the job site and install a window with a mentor and/or a job aid. However, installing a window can be costly to replace if done incorrectly. So we changed our recommendation and suggested building a series of 13 microlearning courses that can be viewed in 5 minute chunks. The final certification is a virtual window installation game that can be done in between 3-6 minutes.    In addition to the right-size course, we created courses that are accessible anywhere and anytime, on  PC, smartphone or tablet. In addition to mobile accessibility, there are printable job aids and performance support videos that can be accessed on the job site.    All the micro-courses contain knowledge checks to reinforce knowledge-based content.    Based on the knowledge gained, the installer's skills are tested in a level 3 virtual window installation, which tracks the ability to sequentially simulate the correct tools and perform the appropriate actions.    Finally, each module is published with xAPI, allowing the scoring from one micro-course carry over to the next.    The virtual window installation is not only an exceptional example of micro-course design, it also has game mechanics that build intrinsic value. A score and a clock help to motivate the learner to get a perfect score and beat their time over and over.

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Entry # - Micro 037

By:  Intrepid Learning

Title:  Capital City Teller Learning Hub 

Entry # - Micro 018

By:  BizLibrary

​Title: BizLibrary MicroLearning

Description (provided by submitter): Yourmembership® partnered with a client to create a library of modular, asynchronous activities and resources that could be grouped and arranged together to form easy-to-navigate learning experiences. These modules can be edited or switched out easily by an administrator to keep content relevant and updated.    "Right-Size" Content Modularity: standalone modules involve a single, concise activity with key points that can be reused across multiple course presentations.    Can be used as part of a longer course: modules are grouped together by topic, topics are grouped together to form a certification program.    Accessible as just-in-time, just enough: quickly navigate by topic to relevant, bite-sized case studies and practice activities to give you what you need, when you need it.    Knowing what I have--and what I have not completed (what's next): progress indicators track and guide learners through topics within individual pages as well as at higher navigation levels.    Tracking skills/knowledge acquired: complete topic-based courses to master skills relevant to your work, or complete all required topics to earn a certificate.    Innovation BONUS:     - exportable journal entries and notes. Learners can answer guided reflection questions and download them for on-the-job reference.    - mobile-friendly, scrolling web page rendering. Easy, familiar navigation that fits the content comfortably onto any device type.    Thank you for your consideration.

Entry # - Micro 007

By:  Allen Interactions

Title:  Mary Kay University 

Description (provided by submitter):  The video is organized to demonstrate each of these criteria in order.    Microlearning  1. Right size content - Demonstrated in the "do it right" section  2. Part of a longer course - Demonstrated in the "teller learning paths" section  3. Just in time, just enough - Demonstrated in the above, plus the new account numbering procedure  4. What I have and haven't completed - Demonstrated throughout, but not specifically mentioned, the platform indicates whether each bite sized piece of content has been reviewed, and what's the next item in a learning path.  5. Tracking skills and knowledge acquired - Demonstrated in leaderboard (points and badges earned) and in reports.    Innovation Bonus(es)  * Easy to create content - demonstrated in iPhone videos of Desiree, the lead teller, and demonstrated in the view of the admin panel  (if you can manage a board on Pinterest, you can manage content in this platform).  * Effective for compliance - demonstrated in Rules & Regs section.  * Missions - real life activities with field reports on what you learned. 

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Entry # - Micro 026

By:  Cinecraft Productions

Title:  OSI Certified Installer Program

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