Description (provided by submitter): Self contained topic  Actual length 10 minutes  Added to existing curriculum  Fully created and animated in house  Use of humor for engagement  Part of multichannel delivery (part of email blast, animation series, instructor lead training, and hands on activities)  Do's and Don'ts  Recap at end to review key topics  

Don't Blame the Provider Module:  Self contained topic  5 minutes  Added to existing curriculum  Combines different media including animation, video, and photos  Use of humor for engagement  Part of multichannel delivery (part of email blast, animation series, video, and team activity with leader talking points for discussion)  Do's and Don'ts  Scenarios added at end to apply knowledge  

Back 2 Basics Module:  Self contained topic  1 minute in length  Added to existing curriculum for interactivity  Quiz at the end to check knowledge  Promoted competition among end users    Fully animated  End user involved in development and scripting   Used humor for engagement   Part of on going weekly series with recurring characters and themes    

MicroLearning Modules (in separate videos)

Description (provided by submitter): Eaton University Learning Video on Multi-Site Industrialization Manufacturing Process   The learning video submitted for the Micro-Learning Category is a 5- minute segment designed to provide learners with a "short" learning segment through a learning video.  This learning video is a segment of a larger course describing a new manufacturing process referred to as Multi-Site Industrialization.  The video is intended to introduce the manufacturing concept and direct learners to additional information and resources to sharpen their understanding about the concept of Multi-Site Industrialization.   Throughout the course a number of multimedia elements are incorporated.  This five-minute example illustrates elements such as  panning and zooming following the Ken Burns effect in which still imagery is used to create a sense of movement and motion.  Additionally, whiteboard animation – a process used to creatively tell a story; or in this case, demonstrate a manufacturing concept, is presented as an innovative way to explain a complex process to a global audience.   Within the larger course referenced in the video, additional learning components include knowledge reviews to test the learner’s acquisition of new knowledge and information.  All of the elements incorporated within the video characterize microlearning.     Created by Eaton through the collaboration with JAC Creative | Cleveland Ohio

Entry # - Micro 014

By:  Depository Trust and Clearing Corp. (DTCC)


Entry # - Micro 011

By:  Eaton


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Description (provided by submitter): FORUM Breakdown is a format for Just In Time - Just In The Know informational training modules.  These vignettes are 2 minutes or less per episode and are designed for any new regulatory updates that all employees need to know.  These are assigned through our LMS to ensure completion by all employees impacted by the regulatory change.  Additionally, these modules are assigned to all new employees (as appropriate) as part of their phase three onboarding.  Phase three happens approximately 3 weeks after the new employee is in their home department and each module being less than 2 minutes allows the employee to complete the vignettes during "down time".  

Description (provided by submitter):  Saba is an agile talent development tool that is just the right size in terms of content modularity. It analyzes and trains learners by prioritizing the most captivating content onto the users’ interface, offers multiple delivery options, and reporting capabilities that produce maximum impact for both employees and the organization at large.     The intuitive dashboards help managers and users track progress and complete courses on time. This also allows for deeper learning assessments and proactive coaching opportunities to ensure the success of learners and the organization.     Of note, the most innovative bonus of the solution is at the core of its technology, Tim, the intelligent mentor. This is a patent machine learning algorithm within the program that offers Tim as resource who finds relevant, classes, experts, and content for users based on their goals, aspirations and activity. The personalized talent management approach helps increase user engagement, address learning curves and ultimately develop learners to perform at the optimal level needed to drive business results.    Please find a customer video here:   

Description (provided by submitter):  GOALL    Our mission is to build capacity in those who serve children and families. One way we fortify the well-being of children in our state is by promoting leadership development of youth in foster care. Who better to help social workers understand what foster children need than young people with foster care experience?     We recruited members of two foster care youth leadership groups to be actors for a day in two promotional videos to strengthen recruitment for foster care youth leadership programs in our state. The youth led the effort to educate foster care staff and we helped them develop videos that can be used in viral ways. With the GOALL, and GOALL and NYTD Youth Voice videos, we’ve created some nimble video elements to help further social worker and partner education about these important foster youth leadership programs. Of course, these videos can be shown at conferences on the big screen. But they’re meant to be popped into emails and social media, so they can wind a viral path to many eyes, making connections to help those in foster care. All the better to reach those people who can help our state’s vulnerable children thrive!   

"MicroLearning" Entries 

Entry # - Micro 012

By:  FORUM Credit Union 


Entry # - Micro 020

By:  Center For Child and Family Studies


Other Noteworthy Entries in This Category

Entry # - Micro 006

By:  Large Insurance Company 

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Entry # - Micro 033

By:  Saba

​Title: Hyatt Learning

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Description (provided by submitter): This Settlement Overview course is a Just-in-time micro learning video made available to our clients and participants to learn about our DTC Settlement process. This is part of a 10 video series of where our training experts teach clients on a variety of topics that are most requested within our organization and assist clients in the utilization of our settlement systems on where they process their day to day transactions. We utilize this video in our larger course curriculum offerings on where we provide clients with an assessment to test their knowledge and become certified through our full DTC Settlement certification program. Having videos chunked into smaller learning nuggets and available as just-in-time learning through our learning website at, clients and participants can access the content 24 hours a day to make learning convenient at a time that is best for their learning schedule. What is most convenient about these videos, is they are provided to learners through a learning path, so you can follow along and watch the next recommended video, or come back to watch additional videos in the place you left off watching and know when you have completed the series and completed all attached assessments as it will show in your "completed learning history" section. An exciting part and bonus about recording these videos as one of our trainers in the video has been within the organization for over 35 years, so he brings a wealth of knowledge to the industry and really helped us as a learning organization to start capturing that learning knowledge so it's not lost for the next generation.