Description (provided by submitter):   Simulations are a proven and effective tool for driving the application of recently acquired concepts. They provide a risk-free, engaging environment in which innovation and creativity can be applied in real-world contexts to strengthen skills and the effectiveness of learning.    Advantexe’s Enterprise business simulations teach participants to think strategically and ultimately make stronger business decisions. In our simulations, participants take control of a large global organization and manage it for several simulated years. Working individually or in small teams, they are responsible for the entire operations of the business, making decisions on pricing, marketing, sales, production, R&D, finance and much more.  They choose a strategy and execute it through their decisions, measuring performance using financial reports and key metrics. Teams compete against each other for market position and share in a highly dynamic and challenging environment.    More than just a simulated business exercise, Advantexe’s Enterprise Business simulations provide embedded learning nuggets, coaching, and short simulated business scenarios to provide users with interactive and engaging learning bursts and experience. Each decision area has helpful information on what the types of decisions are and how they affect the rest of the simulation and ultimately a business. We also build in scenarios that pop up during each round that challenge participants to deal with sudden changes within the simulated business. These scenarios are often customized to reflect a client’s business challenges, opportunities, and industry ecosystem.     The simulations are complex, incorporating thousands of lines of code into the inner workings of the model. However, they can also be easily customized to reflect different industries, and even specific businesses, for more flexible, realistic, and relevant learning.    Our Enterprise Business simulations can be used both virtually and in live classroom settings and as pre- and post-work for programs. After each round of simulation, participants see their results from the previous year’s decisions, and using real time data, analyze those results to improve decision-making in the subsequent simulated years. We have also developed a leader-board capability to add in competition and a level of gamification.     To further differentiate and innovate Advantexe’s business simulations, we have developed the ability to capture and save all user simulation results for deeper analysis and insight that can be provided back to clients and individual users. Our data capturing structure is extremely flexible so that we can have as few, or as many metrics as we want to analyze. We can also provide data comparison reports that show how users are doing compared to their cohort, company, and all simulation users. The goal of the data analytics is to illustrate improvement in decision making, show true strategy execution over the course of the simulation, and identify actual changes in behaviors.      Advantexe simulations can be embedded in any Learning Management System for easy access and tracking. Progress is saved as users go through the simulation and they are able to re-visit simulation decisions and results until completion of the exercise.             

Description (provided by submitter):  Iridize is the most powerful solution today for measurable, in product, microlearning.  The product allows code-free creation of contextual, user specific, integrated guides and walkthroughs that enable product support, onboarding and employee training in a natural always-on fashion.   All use is collected and monitored and Iridize offers realtime analytics to measure training success. 

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Description (provided by submitter):   My entry meets the criteria for MicroLearning, since it's the "right size" in content - just a one paragraph bit of information shared daily via email, making it easily accessible to the company.  The Did You Know is also posted to our company intranet in case anyone wants to go back and review it.      In many instances, the Did You Knows are taken from a larger training event/content as reinforcement.  Because they are "bite-sized" pieces of knowledge, they're more frequently read and understood.  And when they are taken from larger pieces of content, we include a link to that content, in case the learner wants to quickly access and revisit it.      As a result, we've seen a drop in certain compliance related and loan defect issues and an increase in production.    My entry meets the criteria for Social/Collabrative Learning Engagement because we involve all departments in the creation/knowledge share of the Did You Knows.  We take content from questions that arise to all departments and information that is shared from teammates across the company.      Additionally, we provide easy access to 'experts' by including a link to the department email in the Did You Know.      Our managers and department heads monitor proficiency and when they determine there is a need for information to be shared, we can quickly create a Did You Know and get it out to everyone.  And since most of the managers review the Did You Knows in their weekly team meetings, there is additional discussion/shared learning that takes place, as well.      We continue to get feedback that the daily Did You Know's are the most impactful form of learning we provide due to the ease of reading a quick, one-paragraph email.  It really has become a "shared" learning experience for all.             

Entry # - Micro 002

By:  Iridize


"MicroLearning" Entries 

Entry # - Micro 021

By:  Advantexe Learning Solutions


Entry # - Micro 009

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Entry # - Micro 001

By:  Digitec Interactive


Description (provided by submitter):  The Digital Key training is an innovative approach that combines micro-learning learning with gamification.     Each module consisted of three components:    1.    An overview to establish context and set the challenge for the game  2.    An interactive job aid, with the activity for the learning content  3.    A game component to measure learner understanding and provide feedback    The learning process actually began with component 2 – the interactive job aids. These were assigned to the appropriate roles across Hilton Worldwide.     Our use of job aids in this course supports micro-learning because gives learners the opportunity to build their knowledge base when it's most convenient for them, and allows them  to access need-to-know information in between online training sessions. These job aids were also provided in print format, to accommodate just-in-time training.     The overview established context and awarded points when learners accessed the job aid. After reviewing the job aid, learners completed the game, which included simulations or Guest interactions to demonstrate mastery.    Hilton Worldwide’s vision is to “fill the world with the light and warmth of hospitality”, so when players earned points during the game, their light and warmth meter would glow. At the conclusion of the mission, their light and warmth meter correlates to how many rooms light up in the virtual hotel. If they did not earn enough light and warmth points, the player needed to replay that mission. If they earned max points, they double their score and increase their chances of ranking on a leaderboard.    Incorporating the game-based approach helped to make the learning more engaging. The Digital Key training was delivered as SCORM 2004, using sequencing, completed on desktop or tablet devices. Hilton assigned modules, based on the roles within the hotel. For each module, the three components were sequenced, so that learners would seamlessly move from the overview module SCO to the interactive job aid, then to the game. During the game, learners could return and review the job aid SCO in the middle of a game. This incentivizes the learner to access the content during the game to score well. This also reinforces learning.

Description (provided by submitter): TaaS® is the subscription-based learning solution for end users who need Just-in-Time Just-Enough-Training. Students receive 24/7 access to bite-sized training videos, weekly live training sessions, and step-by-step Starter Guides. This product fulfills the Learning Design Challenge profile for Microlearning with the following criteria:  1. "Right-Size" content modularity - With a library of over 2,400 video snippets, students can consume an entire course in a matter of hours or brush up on forgotten knowledge in under one minute.  2. Can be used as part of a longer course - The TaaS® video library includes Microsoft Application training, Windows Server training, and Security and Compliance training. Included in the TaaS® subscription is a live training schedule that rotates through complimentary topics each week. However, all training compliments our live, instructor-led training that is available through Directions Training.   3. ...Accessible as just-in-time, just-enough - Each TaaS® student receives unique login credentials that enable him/her to receive 24/7 access to the video library and Starter Guides.  4. Knowing what I have -- and what I have not -- completed (what's next) - TaaS® makes it easy to identify training progress. After each video is watched, a green checkmark appears next to the title. Also, on the "My Training" dashboard, there is a progress bar that shows a percentage of completion.   5. Tracking skills/knowledge acquired - After watching all of the videos in a technology subject, students are encouraged to take exams to prove their knowledge. These exams are weighted in the Trophy Room, where students compete to rise to the top of the Leaderboard and win trophies.   6. Innovation BONUS - Despite good intentions, less than 10% of students who embark on self-paced video learning will fulfill their training goals. This is why we couple our on-demand training with live, instructor-led training. Live, instructor-led training provides accountability, support, and structure to an otherwise independent learning venture.  

Description (provided by submitter): Gables Residential Training & Development has partnered with ACTO to bring our training programs into the 21st Century! The IT Security Awareness demo in the video is a fraction of what’s available for associates to take. In the video, you’ll see that each segment of this ActionPack is less than two minutes long, which fits beautifully into busy schedules. Along the way, associates have an at-a-glance view of what they have completed and what still remains to be done. At the end, there is an assessment that checks for learning, as well as a survey that asks for feedback so that T&D can continually improve offerings. The IT Security Awareness ActionPack has been deployed to all Gables associates, and is actually a part of our On-Boarding Program. Gables On-Boarding is currently being offered to Office Associates via ACTO, with Corporate Associate On-Boarding and Service Associate On-Boarding currently in development. The best part? This learning is fully mobile compatible! So these programs can happen anywhere, anytime, and in any way the associate learns best. When combined with our Instructor-Led Classes, it is truly on-demand, blended learning! We believe we are the first in our industry to move to this 100% blended approach to training. 

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Description (provided by submitter): A variety of learning needs, availability of technology, and changing expectations of today’s workforce is requiring training providers to think differently and to start creating on-demand learning solutions that address both shifting generational needs and technological opportunities.     To meet those needs, Advantexe has developed a series of micro-business simulations that allows us to provide clients with short, on-demand “learning bursts”. Our micro-simulations focus on key business acumen, business leadership, and strategic business selling content areas, as well as on the latest and hottest business topics, such as “Leading Past the Anti-Sales Organization,” which was the focused program illustrated in this demo.      Instead of traditional page-turning eLearning, Advantexe’s micro-simulations provide embedded learning nuggets, coaching, and short simulated business scenarios to provide users with an interactive and engaging learning experience. In 15 to 20 minute learning bursts, users take on a role of a simulation character, weaving their way through a short storyline by making decisions, reacting to events, and interacting with virtual colleagues and peers. Each decision the user makes, branches to a new decision tree depending on the decision, and is scored against the best practice behavior for that specific scenario and/or competency. An embedded coach provides additional learning nuggets that “fire” depending on the path the user takes in the simulation.      As previously stated, Advantexe’s micro-simulations are designed based on some of todays’ hot business topics, like aligning sales and marketing. Our micro-simulations are typically developed around a complete competency such as coaching, where we have four short, modular simulations covering a coaching framework, providing feedback, performance coaching, and coaching difficult personalities. Each micro-simulation can be used in a larger learning event as pre- and post-work, or embedded as interactive exercises played throughout a learning journey. These micro-simulations can also be implemented as standalone learning. At the completion of every simulation, users receive extensive feedback on each decision, a score, and a badge of achievement. We have also developed a leader-board capability to add in competition and a level of gamification.      As an integral part of Micro-Simulations, Advantexe has created an innovative Analytics Data Center. In our data center, we capture and have access to all user simulation results for deeper analysis and insight that can be provided back to clients and individual users. Our data capturing structure is extremely flexible so that we can create both standard and customized reports.  Our most common reports are cohort heat maps where we review user and group scores. We also provide data comparison reports that show how users are doing compared to their cohort, company, and all simulation users.     Advantexe’s Micro-simulations are SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can compliant and can be delivered and tracked in any LMS system, or through Advantexe hosted virtual learning center. Because of the standard compliance, our micro-simulations can contain multilayered user tracking including items covering usage, completion, timeline, progress and much more. In the Advantexe hosted version, we also include social learning and feedback widgets where users can share ideas and best practices about the simulations. 

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By:  Vignettes Learning


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By:  NRL Mortgage

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Description (provided by submitter): Small Bites is a Vignettes Learning System designed for micro-learning. The idea being that critical content is delivered in a small content, may be from 1-3 minutes to 10 minutes depending on the interest of the learner to study more content.     Small Bites is very modular. The Small Bites can be reconfigured, reorganized or sequenced and delivered at the desired spacing and also depending on the relationship and dependency of the small bite content. It is designed for extreme flexibility. The Small Bites can also be put together as a series of lessons completing a large or for more learning process.     Learners can access the Small Bites anytime, anywhere by mobile or websites. Administrators can send the Small Bites scheduled emails featuring the Small Bites.     Small Bites allow learners to study the small content as refresher reminder or as initial trigger to study more in-depth content. In this case, Small Bites may be linked to full courses for more detailed learning.    Tracking and reports for completion and skills learned is provided both for learners and administrators.     The innovation is based on the extreme flexibility of the Small Bites in terms of scheduling, delivery, size, flexibility to add-on or extend to other in-depth learning and option to combined Small Bites into a course.   

Entry # - Micro 005

By:  Directions Training


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